Eros Delay Spray Available


Men’s sexual performance can be improved and premature ejaculation can be addressed using the topical treatment known as Eros Spray. This spray’s specially formulated components are meant to extend sexual activity, giving both partners a more fulfilling experience.



Eros Spray | Eros Delay Spray in Pakistan 45ml 

Eros Delay Spray 45-milliliter in Pakistan. For maximum delight, apply Delay Spray for men and let it sit in the bed for a while.
The most prevalent issue among young males in Pakistan is premature ejaculation. The remedy that affects 30-45% of men in their sexual lives is Eros Delay Spray.
EROS Spray is a product of approved quality. It is specifically formulated to help men postpone ejaculation and prolong their excitement for more lasting romantic relationships.
Lengthens the Duration of Sexual Contact with Eros Spray. It is required for anyone who experiences problems reaching complete sex fulfillment due to early ejaculation.
For those who struggle to get complete sexual fulfillment because they ejaculate too early, increase your sexual stamina and ejaculation.

What Is The Eros Delay Spray?

A medically certified product called Eros Delay Spray is designed to help men delay their climax and extend their sexual drive for prolonged pleasure.

Benefits of Using Eros Spray

Increased Stamina
Eros Spray gives men the ability to prolong their erections, which boosts their sexual stamina and endurance by premature ejaculation.

Delayed Ejaculation

Eros Spray gives men more control over their sexual responses and lowers the frequency of premature ejaculation by successfully delaying the time it takes to attain climax.

Enhanced Sexual Performance

Eros Spray can improve overall sexual performance by extending sex, which will increase enjoyment for both partners.

Pharmacodynamics of EROS Delay Spray in Clinical Uses:

In the Spray, 10% w/v lignocaine is the active component. A local anesthetic called lignocaine lessens the penis’s hypersensitivity. The way lignocaine works is by stopping or slowing down nerve impulse conduction close to the application site. The dosage is modest enough to minimize the chance of transfer to the partner and restrict the anesthetic action to the application location.
Usually, the action lasts a little more than sixty minutes. Range Eros The product should not cause any pain when being used.
EROS is used by many young males with no negative side effects.

USES: Doses of Eros long time Spray and How to Apply It

In a 24-hour, EROS Spray should not be used more than four times.
This lotion is non-toxic, has an emollient base, and won’t damage rubber.
If the penis’s skin is broken or damaged, do not use it because damaged skin allows most local anesthetics to be absorbed easily. Only for external application and vaginal sex.

Original Eros Delay Spray:

  • First, wash the penis.
  • Apply to the entire penis, excluding the bottom region, on all three sides.
  • After spraying, let it sit for fifteen minutes to dry.
  • and relish sexual relations.
  • And once more After sexual activity, wash your penis.
  • The 14ml Eros Men Delay Spray.

Eros Delay Spray Price in Pakistan Rs.2000/PKR


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